About Oversigter

You know the problem: Christmas or your birthday rolls around, and you don't know what to wish for.

What if you had maintained one all year, adding a wish when it popped in to your head? And what if you didn't have to share a deluge of documents with the list, never remembering if you sent the latest version to person X? That's where Oversigter comes in.

With Oversigter you have an always-updated, living list available to you, that you can share with friends and family, as easy as sending them a link.

But Oversigter isn't just for wish lists. Anything you can imagine in list form can fit in Oversigter, and with the fine-grained permission controls, you can keep a list to yourself, share it with a select few or with the whole world; you can also allow others to contribute to the contents of a list.